Content Lost after Import/Export using ImportExportToolsNG

I’m trying to move my TB mail from Win7 to Ubuntu 18.04. What I really want to do is clone my Win7 profile, including accounts, address books, and history.

Windows TB v68.6.0
Ubuntu TB v68.4.1
I’ve installed IETNG v4.0.4 on both copies of TB.

On Windows I Exported everything in the profile directory, and got a file of comparable size (~5.4GB) to the profile directory.

Moved the file to Ubuntu.

Created an empty folder in local folders in TB and imported everything in the directory to the empty folder. The import process appears to have replicated my original file structure but all of the folders are empty. Poking around in the profile directory, the Mail file under …/Local Folders/import from Win7.sbd exists but the size is 0 bytes.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong-- other than having way too much old mail that might include valuable information?

How did you copy the Windows data? On to a USB drive?

Yes, export process created a large directory called xgnv83rn.default-20200401-1320 that I copied in it’s entirety.

If the transfer medium was a USB drive, is it possible it’s FAT32, in which case any file over 4GB on the Windows profile would not have been copied?

I’ve double checked that the transfer directory on the destination (Linux) machine is a comparable size to the one on the source machine. On the destination machine, looking at the transfer directory and drilling down to …/Mail/, the file is present and of comparable size to the original.

When I look at the active profile on the destination machine in …/Local Folders/import from Win7/… where I tried to put the imported data, all of the files seem to be empty or very small.