Content-Security-Policy for <svg><use>

I have a document which is simply:

	<svg><use href="icons-nav-main.svg#icon-messages"></use></svg>

In my content-security-policy I have set the default to allow nothing but allowed everything else:

Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'none';
	base-uri 'none';
	connect-src 'self';
	font-src 'self';
	frame-src 'self';
	img-src 'self';
	manifest-src 'self';
	media-src 'self';
	object-src 'self';
	script-src 'self';
	style-src 'self';
	worker-src 'self';

Firefox won’t display the SVG, saying

Content Security Policy: The page's settings blocked the loading of a resource at <url>/icons-nav-main.svg ("default-src").

It displays fine in Chrome and friends though.

Is there another CSP clause I should apply to get this working?

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Hi @Hamish_Moffatt

Looking at the bug and the GitHub issues the most cross-browser way to do this seems to be changing <use ... to <image .... This would to be honored by Firefox as a real image import and would therefore make use of img-src 'self';.
Does that work in your case?