Continue using retired experiment

I was a happy user of Tab Center until the rude awakening once I came to restart with a fresh profile and discover I can no longer install it because the “experiment has ended.” It was still usable in the previous profile and still usable on a different system I’ve installed it on. So, until the full-fledged, final implementation is made available, can I continue using it via Test Pilot?


I was a happy user too… :disappointed_relieved:
Bring back Tab Center

Hey everyone,

We totally feel you. We loved Tab Center, too. Here’s the situation:

  • Tab Center started breaking with 56 (which is currently on Nightly), so we had to do something. Due to the nature of the breakage and the massive changes coming in Firefox this year, we cannot continue to use the same code.
  • It had a very high uninstall rate, but was beloved by the smallish population of users who continued using it. That makes it difficult to justify considering this as a feature of Firefox itself, but we’re still doing due diligence and are moving forward with a study of the experiment on the release audience.
  • Separately, one of the secondary goals of the experiment was to help flesh out the needs of side tabs for WebExtensions APIs. This has been a massive success, and we’ve started to see this be fleshed out, including with Tab Center Redux, which is now used by the original developer of Tab Center, who is also contributing patches.

It’s not yet ideal, but we’re working hard with the add-ons team to get there. The major changes breaking Tab Center are necessary to speed up Firefox, and although there are some growing pains, we’re excited about where it will lead us.


I see. Thank you very much. By the way, I happen to have a similar interest in the screenshotter experiment. If you’re familiar with it, can you give me similar leads to the project or link me posts discussing those? I’ll make a thread over there otherwise. Thank you again, I’ll go and try the Redux addon in the meanwhile.