Contribution Path Intro and Help Needed

Hi everyone

From the discussion I’ve had with @majken and @JLensmeister in the last few days, I’m finding myself more inclined to Community hosting as a contribution pathway with Community Ops. I believe I’ll be comfortable with this.

@tanner and @yousef Please advice on ^ and also anything I can help with.

Last thing I need help with, I’m working on DIS-52 - Review unused categories and need to document Discourse Category owners on Jira.

I’m not sure how to go about this. Any help is appreciated.

@yousef I believe Michael will need a bit of guidance in using AWS. He will be helping me with matrix as well as I have already mentioned to you.

@JLensmeister I had a peek at Matrix last night. This should be fun :grinning:

For documenting the Discourse category owners, we can probably use a single issue with a table. Actually this is probably better done in Confluence really… We already have a “Space” for tracking this Discourse instance. I’ll start a page for you and link it to you.

Thanks for that, now remains Community hosting part :smile:

Community hosting is @yousef and @tanner so you might want to ping them and ask about it :smile:

:slight_smile: yeah, I’ll probably have a chat with them today.