Contributions not being reflected after contributing sentences

I submitted 40+ sentences recently. But the contributions are not reflected in my profile. It’s still showing 0 contributions.

Neither is the contribution reflected in the “In progress” section of the Common Voice homepage.

(was 36 before I contributed those sentences)

What’s the issue here? I am willing to make more contribution towards the dataset, but only after I receive confirmation that my sentences are added, and they are being counted so that Bengali can start accepting voices.

Please let me know what’s going on.

Have you confirmed the contribution after you send it on this page? I forgot to do this once too.

Yes, I did that every time.

Strange then. @mkohler could this be a bug?

I also see the confirmation-

But the added sentences’ numbers are neither reflected in my profile, nor in the “In Progress” section.

The “In Progress” count on the Common Voice website only changes after an export (done weekly) and subsequent deployment of the Common Voice website. That’s not a very good indication for your issue.

  • Do you see any sentences you submitted here?
  • Both the numbers in the “Statistics” page, as well as the ones in the profile, only get updated every 6 hours maximum. In your case it seems that it has been longer than 6 hours though, so I doubt that’s the underlying issue (keep it in mind for the future though)
  • Are you sure that you’re using the same account as you submitted the sentences with?
  • Is the “Statistics” page up to date for you? What does the “Last Update:” row say?
  • Now that you have visited the “Statistics” page, does the correct number show on your profile? (looking at this now, there might be a case where we do not fetch updated info without explicitly going to the Statistics page)

Here’s the current stats for Bengali:

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It indeed seems that this is a bug in the way we fetch data without going to the Statistics page. The numbers in the profile don’t seem to update right now without explicitly going through Statistics.

So, if you could do the following two things that would be helpful:

  • Do you see any sentences you submitted here?
  • Go to the Statistics page, wait until the data is updated and then go back to your profile, does the correct number show?

If both of them are answered with a “yes”, you don’t have anything to worry about.

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The answer to both of your question is yes.

Thanks for the update. And I was unaware of the bug.