Control-T and default container per window?

Hi, just found this and it looks like something that could be extremely useful to me, big thanks to everyone who spent the effort to create it!

I’m just starting learning about it, and I see discussion of control-. and control-shift-digits, default containers for sites and such, which I take to mean it must be problematic for an addon to change default behavior on control-T.

The one thing that looks less than absolutely ideal about this addon to me so far is that I’ll have to learn a new muscle-memory for opening tabs which then wouldn’t be right when using other computers, and control-T is already SO subconscious for me.

So my question is, would it be possible to set a default container per WINDOW? I had been dual-accounting by just using a window full of normal tabs and a window full of private tabs, and control-T in either window worked great.

I’m guessing someone’s already had this idea, so I’m curious, have we already found an insurmountable obstacle to doing such a thing, or would it be worth looking into?

Found what I needed in =)