Controlling Add-on Startup Behavior


I’m looking for a bit of help in identifying the correct js which would allow for management of Add-ons at browser startup.

A timed delay loading of all Add-ons would probably serve my purposes here; but I might also be able to use a code segment to reload all Add-ons after the browser starts.

Of course, something as simple setting a pref (in place of digging into actual code) to delay Add-on loading could be of significant help as well…

Any syntax/ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

From the official API point of view, there is Management API. Maybe you could use it to quickly disable all addons and then enable them one by one? :slight_smile: Maybe even disable them when browser is about to exit…

Also disable + enable probably === addon reload :slight_smile:. There is also browser.runtime.reload(), but that works only for a single addon that executing it.

Now I don’t know why you need this, but if your browser takes forever to start and you just want to speed things up, as an alternative solution you can try to:

  • use Firefox Reset to make things fresh
  • use only one ad-block, or use different one (uBlock Origin suppose to be fast) and don’t enable all filters available
  • upgrade your PC :slight_smile: (if it can save you few minutes every day, it’s worth it!)

Thank you for the suggestions, juraj.masiar. You got me thinking about a couple of things…

We’ll see what I dig out; and I’ll post another missive if things don’t go quite as planned :wink:

Have a great day!

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