Convert fluent files to formatted text for easier proofreading/commenting

Hey Fluent community,

We’ve started incorporating Fluent into - and of course the first, and very tedious step, is extracting all the strings out of our code and into a fluent file.

But this has proved quite useful from a non l10n standpoint, as it makes updating/correcting these strings much easier - at least for the programming oriented in our team.

For everyone else, I quickly put together a tool which converts a fluent file into markdown, which can then be converted into any other format (such as odt), and imported into google drive for proofreading and commenting upon by a copyeditor, for instance.

I thought this may prove useful for others in the community (or more likely I’ll find this exists in a more mature form somewhere else!):

I expect it to evolve a little as we expand the range of fluent syntax used - for instance, we don’t use any selectors currently - so (I imagine) it’ll just output the default value currently.