Copy unescaped URL

I’m dealing with a lot of URLs with non-ASCII characters that are automatically escaped when copied like this: when I want to copy it like this:لينكس.

I know there’s a trick to do that by manually adding a space to the beginning of the URL, then copying it. But is there an about:config flag to automatically copy unescaped URLs?

I don’t know of any such config.

The problem is that the %D9 format is the actual URL. The format you want is just a display format and not the actual URL. When you add a space the string goes from being an URL to a search text and the browser does you a favor and converts the form.

Another approach is use a tool for the conversion, but that’s more work. One tool:

I just tried Chrome and I couldn’t get the space trick to work – it appears you always need a separate converter.

browser.urlbar.decodeURLsOnCopy = true