Could not establish connection - without explicit message sending or extension work

I’m getting the following error in console:
Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist. content.aos.js:66:19
no issue is reported in Chrome - only Firefox - and I am not working on anything like extension or such. Recently have added some ‘addEventListener’ calls and a single open in new tab action - so suspect they may be cause of this? (simply outputting a simple string into new tab)
any thoughts on likely causes?

If you’re not working on an extension at all, then you can ignore the error message.

I think that error occurs when the connection between an extension’s background script and a tab’s content script fails.

Though, how are you outputting a string into a new tab ? something like postMessage?

thanks for feedback - managed to remove the issue by tidying up everything and ensuring eg eventlisteners are all valid
using document.write to the new tab - very simple requirement to view text output
thnx again

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