Council Elections H1 2020 - Town Hall - save the date!

Hi everyone

For the Council Elections we will have a full-day “Ask me anything” style Town Hall on Matrix in the “Mozilla Reps” channel. This will happen on Thursday, 26th of March during the whole day. See for information about Matrix.

How this will work:

  • On any time on March 26th, post your question to the candidates (or one candidate) in the channel
  • Candidates can answer whenever they see a question - they do not need to be online the full day
  • Please use the “Reply” function when answering to keep the relation to the question
  • Questions can be answered up to 29th 15:00 UTC in case a candidate can’t make it on Thursday
  • Candidates are encouraged to answer questions, but this is not mandatory

Please think about nominating yourself for the Council Elections, the nominations will close on Sunday, 22nd of March. You can find all info here:

Looking forward to see many questions!


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