Council Elections H2 2020 - Town Hall - save the date!

Hi everyone

For the Council Elections we will have a full-day “Ask me anything” style Town Hall on Matrix in the “Mozilla Reps” channel. This will happen on Wednesday, 23rd of September during the whole day. See for information about Matrix.

How this will work:

  • On any time on September 23rd, post your question to the candidates (or one candidate) in the channel
  • Candidates can answer whenever they see a question - they do not need to be online the full day
  • Please use the “Reply” function when answering to keep the relation to the question
  • Questions can be answered up to the 27th 15:00 UTC in case a candidate can’t make it on Wednesday
  • Candidates are encouraged to answer questions, but this is not mandatory

You can find the elections timeline here:

Looking forward to see many questions!



I personally have a great deal of respect towards you @mkohler, but, to be completely honest, I cannot see much sense in posting announcements like the one you posted, simply because currently Mozilla is not the same Mozilla it was 5+ years ago. Many people just lost their hopes/respect/call it whatever in Mozilla. Mainly due to their fuckups and their way of handling those.

Anyone can “commit” a fuckup, but, what really matters, is how you deal with aftermatch. Mozilla many times proved not to be able to handle aftermatch correctly.

People are just fed up. Thats it

at this time it is more important then ever to have a good council to make sure that the volunteers are well represented at mozilla. So this round of elections, and this announcement, make a lot of sence. You need to know who are running for council and speaks with the leadership about what is happening at mozilla and what the reps programme can do for the community

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Become more open. In the sense of transparency.