Council Meeting Notes - 2017-06-06

During this meeting the council discussed the following:

  • Reps Path: The Reps Path initiative has finished with 79.62% Reps replying. The rest were moved to alumni along with people that indicated that they can't continue contributing. More data will be published soon
  • Open letter:The council still needs to finish the leadership part and the conclusion part
  • Communications: the council is considering more experiments. Those are:
  • Use for @MozillaReps tweets (automated tweets from GitHub repository issues)
  • Change timing of Reps call (was brought up some time ago from Ioana in an issue I can’t find right now)
  • Need for “external visibility” within Mozilla. One idea would be to go to the Weekly Meeting and provide updates on what Reps are doing
  • Activate: Michael and Alex are working on the pull requests and indicating good first bugs
  • Coaching: voting was created on the best option to move forward based on what was suggested
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