Council Meeting Notes - 2017-07-04

During this meeting the council discussed the following:

  • Open letter: got feedback from Georges, concerns were raised about representing only a minority of people. We are working on ways to analyze who we are speaking for.
  • All Hands in San Francisco: We need to write a summary about what was discussed
  • Communication (Alex + Elio ):
  • We currently have 3 ideas for improvements (experiments) regarding communication in the GitHub issue
  • Reps newsletter for june was sent on june 30th
  • Onboarding: All reps applicants are required to fill in their mozillians profile.
  • Acivate:
  • Nightly activity has launched!
  • Michael is working on Impact Form “result visibility” for Reps
  • Resources (Flore + Konstantina): need to sync to go ahead
  • Coaching (Faye + Michael):
  • Need to be uploaded on teachable
  • Wiki pages to be updated

Due to All Hands in San Francisco, there was no formal council meeting on June 27th, eventhough a lot of discussions happened during the work week.