Council meeting notes - 2017-07-18

During this meeting the council discussed the following:

  • Open letter: There’s a good chance we can go ahead soon
  • All Hands in San Francisco: blogpost to be published soon
  • Communication (Alex + Elio ): nothing new since last week
  • We were contacted about former mozilla Japan staff who would be interested to become reps: there is no specificity for mozilla employees or former employees. It is the same procedure for everyone.
  • Onboarding (Michael and Daniele): nothing new since last week
  • Q3 OKR planning : Ankit represents the Reps Council in all meetings with Open Innovation team and Council gives insight and feedback on the OKR.
  • Acivate: nothing new since last week
  • Resources (Flore + Konstantina): Testing is ready and will start soon
  • Coaching (Faye + Michael):
  • Chages to wiki have been submitted and accepted by the Council
  • Wiki pages have been published
  • Feedback from Council needed on Practise week

See you in 7 days :smile:

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