Crash reports in ASan Nightly

I installed the ASan Nightly build today, (on Linux) and I’m worried it might not be properly submitting crashes. I noticed about:crashes does not load in this browser, presumably because the ASan crash reports go through a different mechanism. I have hit “Gah. Your tab just crashed.” a few times today already, does this always indicate a crash, or could that be because of an IPC timeout? I tried looking around in the installation directory and the profile directory, but I didn’t see any indication of crash reports. I tried monitoring spawned processes during a tab crash, to see if I could catch llvm-symbolizer being run, but I didn’t see anything.

Is the ASan Nightly crash submission system still supported? Was I misunderstanding the “tab crashed” message? Do I need to tweak electrolysis settings for the ASan crash reporter to be effective? Should I be looking somewhere else for crash reports?

ASAn is submitting repports.
I think your reports should be some place in your profile directory which you can find in about:support.
Make sure you have your bugzilla email set up in asan reporter about:config property. If you don’t and find a security bug, you will not get your bounty so it’s super important to configure

I see an asan directory inside my profile directory, but it’s empty.