Create plugin for thunderbird to save attachments into a folder automatically created

(Nikzodiac2) #1

Hi, I wonder if is possible to create a thunderbird plugin that can extract all attachments into a folder automatically created and named with the subject of the email.

everytime I save many attachments from an email with subject “order xxx” I have to create a folder in the desktop named “order xxx” and save all into it… If i forgot to create a folder doing only “save all” I’ll find hundreds of attachments in my desktop

this plugin would be helpful and I hope not so hard to create (not for me of course)

please let me know if is possible to make it
thanks for the attention

(Martin Giger) #2

Hey, moved this over to the Thunderbird discourse category, where it’s a lot more likely to be answered.

(Nikzodiac2) #3

is happened once at least that an user ask to create a plugin and someone done it??

(Nikzodiac2) #4

sounds like there is no hope :frowning:

(Ryan Sipes) #5

It has only been a day @blanka - I’m sure it is possible to make this, have you already searched through the add-ons to see if there is anything that accomplishes this?

That is a list of add-ons found doing a search for “attachments”.

If you want to take a stab at creating an extension, there is a tutorial here:

That should get you started, once you learn the basics, you can talk to us via #thunderbird or #maildev on IRC (Moznet).

(Nikzodiac2) #6

Yes, I’ve already tried all plugins but none can do it…
create a plugin requires a technical knowledge that I haven’t…

(Julien Tane) #7

do you want it to be automatic when a name satisfying a given filter comes in?

(Nikzodiac2) #8

when I have many attachments into an email, before to save them I have to create a folder named with the subject of the email (for exemple “order 1”)…
I would like that when I save the attachments the folder is automatically created and named with the subject of the email (“order 1” in this case)

(Julien Tane) #9

FYI I started to look into it as a way to familiarize myself with the thunderbird code.

I am new to thunderbird development but maybe I will manage to do something.

For developpers, I see two different ways of solving this:

  • try to do this with an addon
  • adding a save attachment function to filters

I am not sure this is the right place to continue discussing about this though.

(Vseerror) #10

I know this has been discussed inthe context of the filtaquilla addon - which IMO has the most potential for making this possible. See