Creating a proper privacy policy and terms of service for Discourse

(Logan Rosen) #1

Regarding Bugs 1084553 and 1084555, we really need to have a proper privacy policy and terms of service for Discourse.

Currently, if you go to the FAQ page by hitting the hamburger icon in the top right, we link to Mozilla’s default privacy policy and to nothing for a ToS.

Here are the descriptions of the bugs, for your convenience:

Terms of Service

Right now, our Terms of Service on Discourse is nonexistent. We should have one.

We could use the default, but that includes terms about licensing, and I don’t think we can retroactively apply the Creative Commons license to posts.

Privacy Policy

Right now, we are just linking to Mozilla’s privacy policy. There are more intricacies involved with Discourse that should be disclosed, though. The default one has data retention policies, so we should be sure that we’re abiding by them if we just adopt it.

What should our next steps be? We can customize the defaults to our specifications, but we need to figure out what our specifications are.

(Michael Buluma) #2

Yes, we should. Why not adopt the default tos and figure out what license and customizations to apply to it? Both for tos and privacy.

As far as privacy goes, I’d like to know what happens to my information as a user and therefore its quite needed.

@Kensie, any thoughts? we can play around in staging and see how that comes out.

(Leo McArdle) #3