Creating Collaborative Inbox to works as alias for your team work

(Geraldo Barros) #1

Hi Mozillians,

Just like me, many of you work on different teams and projects around Mozilla community, and creating email aliases for your team is something useful, enjoyable and kind to many of us because it keeps all your team informed of the incoming communication.

In the GSuite we offer to your communities there is the Collaborative Inbox built into Google Groups that you can use freely to create not only email lists, but also Collaborative Inboxes, you can configure in many ways with different types of combinations and customizations to meet your need.

Here I have some more documents for you to read and understand how it works and now start working with Collaborative Inbox tool in your community.

Set up a collaborative inbox
Create a group & choose group settings

If you are working with members outside the organization who use domains other than your community, make sure you set the correct “Basic Permission” in your group settings to meet your needs.

That’s all, have fun! Hungry for more? Ask here.

Geraldo Barros