Creating new page on MDN

(Sangyong Gwak) #1

Recently I started translation.
(example :

I’m going to translate this page to Korean.

I clicked “LANGAUGES” button on upper right of screen
and is showed.

I think there must be a new page like or

Can you tell me how to create new page and fix redirection?
And where should I ask this kind of problem?

Thank you very much.

(Mariana Ribeiro) #2

Did you solve your problem?

(Sangyong Gwak) #3

No. I think someone has permissions to do it.

(Mariana Ribeiro) #4

Do you wanna translate an exiting page, right? Languages -> Add a translation -> Select a language to translate to: (choose yours)

An page for your translation will open.

There is a “publish” button on upper right of screen.

(Sangyong Gwak) #5

What I want to translate is https ://

When I follow what you said, I just can edit ttps:// I think there is redirection setting.

I hope to make the page

Thank you.

(Sangyong Gwak) #6

Now I got it. Thank you.