CSS floats


Hi again Chris. Still enjoying the CSS articles :slight_smile:
I’ve ran into a small problem though:

"Your content should make sense anyway when read in its source order (think of a visually impaired person using a screen reader to hear your content — how you layout your content makes no difference to them), but you also need to consider that floated content earlier in the source order will appear earlier in the order of floated elements too — so further to the left in the case of left floats, and further to the right in the case of right floats."

I can’t seem to comprehend what the above paragraph is saying. It’s the first time I’ve not fully understood something in these articles. Maybe it’s because I’ve never used a screen reader before or know how they work. I think perhaps if you explained exactly how the screen reader will read the content in the ‘three-column-layout-wrong-order’ page, and why it’s a problem, I might get it.

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Hi there! I am sorry that this content has confused you. I just read it, and I can see why — the wording I’ve used is not very clear :wink:

I have edited it to try to improve the wording. Can you have another look and let me know if this is clearer now? Thanks.


Ah, I get it now. Thanks a lot.