Custom history settings for each container

I enjoy containers a lot and want to add a piece of idea to the project.

Regarding the privacy protection provided by containers, it would be interesting to save history or cookies in one container and not in another. For instance, I might want cookies to survive in my Finance container, so I don’t need to click the cookie banner each time I go on my bank’s website, but not wish to be tracked in my Shopping container since I hate personalized ads. The same goes for search, history, download…

In any case, nice job.

PS: of course, another related issue would be to be able to clear history, cookies, etc. by hand for a given container, or even use the “Forget” option for a given container.


Thanks for the feedback. Cookies should be saved in each container. Search, history, and downloads are not separated by containers (yet).

See for more details.

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough. I meant to choose which to save as in the Preference page “Privacy”:

Being able for instance to have cookies setting “Keep until” different from Container to Container.

(My remark does not stand about history and downloads (yet) since they are not yet separate per Container).

What about deleting all cookies from a given Container when needed? And “Forget” the cookies of the last 24 hours for one Container?


I agree that this Containers feature is amazing but would also love the ability to have each container delete all cookies etc when the last tab for that container is closed.

Another possible option would be if you could open containers in a private window.

+1 this idea - I’d love to be able to do this too.

My use case is similar: Currently I have cookies set to be cleared on exiting Firefox. It’d be handy to have the “Work” container remember cookies and other offline data always and forever (so I don’t need to always log into the million different work things we have); but the “Shopping” container definitely would be cleared on exit. Then also as part of that, perhaps a way to wipe cookies in a particular container so I don’t even need to exit Firefox.

The correct thing to do for this is expose this to extension authors which is something I have already requested we do for web extensions here:

This would allow extension authors like EFF and so on to write interesting mixes of how containers work. We are hoping to see interesting experiments much like authors have had with cookies, storage and HTTPS redirection over the years.

If something gets popular we can promote it to being part of our extension etc.

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– and so on, including:

– which I initially misread as a wish to disable an existing history per-container feature.