Custom keyboard shortcuts... in 2023?

Hi. I need to re-map the forward/back functionality of the “F” and “B” keys when in a message pane, so that I can navigate using only my right hand (and not too much trackball-mousing). I see there were a variety of keyboard shortcut add-ons/extensions that no longer work with recent versions of Thunderbird (e.g., keyconfig, Menu Wizard). Is there something similar that currently works?

Or is there a proper syntax to use to get Mac OS keyboard shortcuts to recognize the correct menu item, e.g., “GoNextMessage” (that example doesn’t work) to attach a new key command assignment?

Failing any of that, is there a macro app that works in Mac OS 10.13.6 that would provide this functionality in Thunderbird, that isn’t really expensive? (I still miss Eudora, literally every day.)

Thanks, K


will work.
However it is quite difficult to set up … maybe the community can help you to configure it according to your needs.

I know the developers are interested in creating a general key binding tool for some future version. As yet there is not an ETA.

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