Dark mode for the MDN site would be awesome

Hi there. My first post here. I’ve searched the site but didn’t find another topic on this issue. I’m sure lots of people would appreciate if we could have a toggle in a corner, on the MDN site (https://developer.mozilla.org), to switch to a dark mode UI. This would be great when you want to study a subject on the MDN site, especially when it’s a bit later in the evening.

Some websites like Ars Technica offer this choice out of the box, I wonder if it’s possible to get a simple dark mode for a start. I know this might complicate some issues with images and graphics that were made for a light background, but at least we could have a better reading experience for mostly text-based articles.


Since this will require changes to Kuma core, you should open a bug on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org, or politely ask @jwhitlock to do it for you.

There is already a bug, that we’ve marked “WONTFIX”: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1427452

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There are some user style sheet solutions floating around you can use: [https://userstyles.org/styles/139747/a-mdn-darkly](https://userstyles.org/styles/139747/a-mdn-darkly)

I believe Stly-us is the current favourite custom styles extension. (Stylish was pulled from the
marketplace for violation of data practices. I believe Stly-us is the current favourite custom styles extension.)


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Yeah, that’s the problem. I would have made my own stylesheet, but I try to avoid installing any extensions, unless they are open-source or I wrote them myself.

I suppose this decision to have a dark mode should have been made right from the start, when the MDN site was re-themed. Now it might be too late and costly to re-process all the assets to adapt them to a dark background with light text.

Will take a look at Stly-us and see if it can be a solution in this case.


Dolan, it’s also that that makes almost every part of front-end dev automatically more expensive, because you have to implement and test both themes

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I would absolutely love a dark mode. studying at night fries my brain and eyes. I googled this topic to see if there was a dark mode and thats how i found this.

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