Dark theme does not affect settings pages

Hey, i’m currently writing dark theme overwrites for all the sites i visit so my eyes don’t hurt that much when i visit something bright, however, i can’t change the about pages. Is there some way that i’m unaware of other than compiling a copy of firefox myself?

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Sure. Take a look at userChrome.css and userContent.css.
Taking the opportunity, you can also take a look at my add-on, Dark Background and Light Text.

@m_khvoinitsky thank you for the response, however this does not solve my problem or i’m too dumb to see how, if it does please elaborate. I’m using the userContent.css file allready for web-pages. I’ve found that add-ons tend to generalize web-pages and fail quickly, when using your add-on for example i clicked on the userContent.css page where it showed among other perfectly working stuff a white box with white text on it directly at the beginning of the page, that’s why i’m manually filling out my userContent.css file rather than using an add-on.

For the part i don’t know how to deal with, i’m unable to use userChrome.css or userContent.css for editing the about:preferences or about:config pages because i can’t see the html code in these sites if they are html based, the plugins i’ve seen so far also don’t adjust this, if you know how i can make those appear in dark theme, i would be super happy.

Well, that’s true that if you write custom CSS for some particular website, it would work better than general solution but you would have to write TONS of site-specific styles. Writing general good CSS in impossible. Before writing my add-on I’ve tried many different approaches. About “among other perfectly working stuff a white box with white text” — it most likely conflict with your userContent.css (or other add-ons) — it works for me perfectly.

because i can’t see the html code in these sites if they are html based, the plugins i’ve seen so far also don’t adjust this

Add-ons can’t modify it by design. You should be able to modify it using userChrome.css (or userContent.css — can’t recall correctly), to see the HTML code, use Browser Toolbox.

Help!!! I am one of those dangerous idiots who shouldn’t mess with programs. All I wanted to do was turn down the brightness, but instead, made a gigantic mess, and now my screen is almost unintelligible. How do I get back to the original settings? System Restore didn’t help. Is there a way to contact Mikhail Khvoinitsky? For simpletons such as myself, there should be a button to restore to original settings.

If you are talking about preferences of my add-on (Dark Background and Light Text), then, probably, the easiest way to solve your problem is open about:addons (Menu → Add-ons, it won’t be affected by the add-on), and then remove the add-on (not disable) and reinstall again.

By the way, good point, there should be some protection from such situation.

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Thank you for your kind reply.

I am hopelessly lost, and getting deeper into a mess. I forgot to add that I am a casual user of the Internet and not fluent in its language and mechanisms.

How can I revert back to a normal computer? As I understand it, re-installing Windows would be a drastic move, and I will lose all of my data.

The family computer whiz tried to help me, but after spending some time, said I screwed it up so badly, that it was beyond his expertise.

Please help me. I can follow directions, as long as no exotic words are not used.

If you messed only with Firefox preferences (not Windows and other software), try to refresh Firefox.

The only thing I messed with was your program. How can I reset everything back to normal?

As I wrote in comment above:

For detailed instructions about removing an add-on, see here