Data Privacy - Mo' Data Mo' Problems (Live Streamed Event)

(Ankit Bahuguna) #1

Hello All,

Cliqz GmbH, Mozilla Foundation [1] and Wayra (Location Sponsor) are
co-organizing a meetup themed “Data Privacy - Mo’ Data Mo’ Problems” in
Munich on February 2, 2017. The meet up will involve networking
opportunities with folks interested in internet privacy and three talks by
experts in the area discussing challenges and possible solutions. The venue
is: Wayra, Kaufingerstraße 15, 80331 Munich

For the international audience, we have organized a live stream of the
event on, which starts around 7 PM (UTC+1).
We are seeking remote participation from interested folks all over the
world. If you are part of other communities where spreading our message can
be useful for the community in general, we would welcome you to do so.
Looking forward to your participation.

[1] [

(Ankit Bahuguna) #2

FYI Live Streaming starts in 15 minutes.

Thanks and Regards

Ankit Bahuguna
Software Engineer (R&D), Cliqz GmbH.
Mozilla Reps (REMO Representative), Mozilla Foundation

(Ankit Bahuguna) #3

For the folks, who missed the actual event, here is the: Event Video:

Event Summary: