Date sent - Date received - How to show them?

When was a message precisely received (day and hour) on my PC and when was it sent (day and hour) by sender ?

I need these informations in order to know a few things about a particular email I received on TB …

Let’s say I received an email today at 12:00 …
How to know at what time it was sent ?

Not even a single answer ?

Look in the email headers - control U - and in particular at tge ‘Received from’ header lines:

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Thanks DaveRo !

I just received an email … and checked things the way you said.

The header in TB window shows 11:05 … but that is not the hour I received this mail (11:52).
So going through the source (CTRL+U)

  • I noticed that the hour shown in TB is the hour the message was sent.
  • and the hour I received it is not shown “normally” by TB but it is in the source text.

Thanks for these “guidelines” to my problem.

Problem solved, but why dos TB provide a “column” such a “time sent” and “time received” ?

This fact opens a path to creating an addon …


Thunderbird, and its predecessors (back to Netscape communicator) has always shown the date and time that the email was received by the sender’s server. As far as I know, all email programs do that. (You’ll also find a ‘Date:’ header.)
The latest ‘Received from’ header actually shows the time your email provider’s server received it. Your email client may have got it minutes, hours, even days later; it depends how often it checks for mail, or how often the server pushes it. The server might go offline for a week!
The date/time you got it isn’t shown at all. (It’s probably in a the server’s log if the police wanted to know.)