DateTime add-on and the "horizon" setting

In the DateTime configuration, I followed the basic suggestions for “horizon” in the hope that I can turn on/off outside lighting during the “nautical twilight” period. What I’m seeing is lighting that comes on before the sun is touching the horizon, and staying on after sunrise. Effectively, before and after “civil twilight.” I’ve even gotten into my system and am syncing time from an NTP Pool server. I’ve obtained a good Lat/Long, but cannot seem to get this corrected. Any suggestions?

I’d suggest filing an issue against the add-on and asking there:

Argh. My actual issue is with the “daylight” sensor. That’s from Hue, not from the DateTime add-on. It was configured for 30-minutes before sunset and 30-minutes after. I was adding adjustments to adjustments.

Note to all: Hue’s sunrise and sunset offsets need to be zero to rely on “daylight.”