[Deadline February 18, 2018] Following, Refreshing the SUMO Moderator Guidelines

Hi there,

Originally this was only posted in the Moderators Forum. However, it was brought to my attention, it is important to also have this conversation with the larger community. (Thank you Alice!)

In parallel, to Michał’s driven discussion around the refresh of the participation guidelines in SUMO - [Refreshing the Community Guidelines here on Discourse], there have been some discussions around a need to also refresh the Moderation Guidelines for Moderators and users.

The draft with edits from participating Moderators is linked here:

It included influence from research, discussions with Michal ,the SUMO team as well as some of the research found from Emma Erwin and the Diversity and Inclusion research.

I would like it to also include the practices and guidelines from your experience and current practices. You are the experts, I hope to help enforce your enforcing to keep a positive and friendly community that I know SUMO to be.

What do you think? All feedback: positive, negative, and in between are welcome!

Thank you!

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Hi guigs, I approve of this proposal! Great work all around.

Is the content of the 2018 Moderator SUMO Community Guidelines Proposal supposed to replace the current SUMO moderator guidelines, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/moderation-guidelines or is it a supplemental document?

I’m asking because of what Chris Ilias wrote in the private moderator forum in his suggestion to change the content and style of the document, which is currently written in the form of a contract:

Given that there is so much I don’t think belongs there, I decided it would be easier to just rewrite the doc, instead of changing the wording.


Hi there,
To answer your question, yes the format is meant to update the existing Moderator Guidelines page.

In light of the attempt to compromise the 3 roles of this document:

  1. Define a Moderator’s roles and responsibilities
  2. Create a page that outlines the agreement of participating as a Moderator
  3. And provide a page for reference as what to do when for the operational side of being a Moderator
    This document was shared at the community meeting on, let me know what you think.

SUMO Moderator Role and Guidelines

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Should this also cover the criteria used when assessing new moderators and the skills and experience we would like them to have?