Debugger Tab Empty

I have just updated to 91.0b5 on a Manjaro system, and have noticed that the Debugger tab in my developer tools is completely empty. Before I try to downgrade to an earlier version I was hoping to see if there was something I could do to to resolve this.

If I kill the process and restart it with firefox-developer-edition -jsconsole I see some errors repeated in the console which say “Error while calling actor 'breakpoint-list’s method ‘setBreakpoint’ Breakpoints expect to have ither a sourceUrl or a sourceId” and this message is repeated in several other lines printed to the console.

I rely on the debugger to do my job so I hope that this is something that others have experienced and know how to resolve.

Empty debugger window:

Browser console:


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There was a fix added in 91.0b6 , could you update and check if the problem is gone?

Hey Nicolas, thank you for responding. It looks like it’s working in 91.0b7 from the AUR, I didn’t get a chance to try b6. Now I’m back to work.