Decentaralized & Personalized AI, with Privacy by Design

This session is facilitated by Charmi Chokshi

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About this session

This interactive session will seek answers to the questions, “Why Decentralised Artificial Intelligence Will Reinvent The Industry?” & “What are the risks, promises and foundational blocks of secure and private AI?” It will introduce them to the new dawn of Federated Learning having the potential to disrupt Cloud Computing, the dominant computing paradigm of today.

The session is divided into two phases:

  1. Learning Phase: By story-boarding, participants would understand the concept and benefits as well as use cases of decentralised AI. There would be quizzes throughout the session and I would follow the andragogy- Learn. Apply. Share. Repeat.
  2. Practising Phase- The Ideathon: Attendees will get into groups to come up with solutions under which problems can fall. They would work as a team to build an idea by brainstorming and prototyping algorithms and presenting it to the rest in the end with one-on-one mentoring by myself.

Goals of this session

The goal of this session rather story-boarding is for the attendees of any age to understand what is the revolutionary Decentralised Artificial Intelligence, what is the new dawn of AI- Federated Learning, how can one start their own ventures using it and would learn by use case studies such as GBoard (a keyboard by Google).

They would evaluate the use cases to identify the consequences, have a general discussion on how, by participating in Ideathon- the marathon of Ideas. Participants would exchange ideas, build concrete and a creative solution and present it in front of others.
The output will be a model that gets feedback from thousands of connected devices like mobile phones and sensors, the algorithm to lean relevant information from aggregated data and get personalised predictions of text & photos.