Decrypting S/Mime encrypted message parts?

Hi all,

I’d like to access mail content which is encrypted. How do I utilize the internal certificate store to decrypt these message parts by using WebExtensions? If this is not possible, can I get the decrypted content from my message tab with WebExtensions?

I’d like to build an integration for a TODO app, but without mail text this does not make much sense. And most of my mails are encrypted.

Regards, Michael

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I suggest you ask here:

(End-to-end encryption) - “dedicated to all things encryption related - OpenPGP, S/Mime, OTR, etc. Please post issues, questions, bugs, feature ideas and discussion topics there” according to the post announcing it.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

I tried twice to ask at e2ee, but got exactly 0 replies. So I guess that is either not the correct place to ask or I am asking the wrong stuff.

Could anybody please point me in the right direction how I decrypt mails with web extensions?

Encryption is complicated topic, so it’s understandable you won’t get as many replies as you may want to.

But you should try StackOverflow at the right time of the day (when USA is already up and Europe is still up), then you may find someone to help you.

If all you need is text of the email, then there is API for that:

And if you need to inject javascript into the message, you can now use this:

If the email is decrypted by Thunderbird, then at least this second API should already work on a decrypted text. But I’ve never used encryption in Thunderbird so I’m not sure how it works…

That forum clearly is the right place, but people will only respond when they know about, or are interested in, the question. And I think most of the contributors are mainly, or only, interested in OpenPGP, and are very focused on the recent built-in replacement of enigmail.

What I would do is work out, by reading that forum or looking at recent s/mime bugs, who might be able to give you advice, and then approach them directly. You may be able to find a contact email. There are chat forums (it used to be IRC, now it’s Matrix - I’ve not used it). You may have to lurk for a while.

Be patient. Be polite (as you have been). Softly, softly, catchee monkey!

Possibly the Topicbox Add-ons

Well, this does not work. With these calls you get only the mail headers. The content of the mail has (to my knowledge) be retrieved with which only gives me encrypted stuff. And I have no idea how to decrypt this with web extensions.

Tried this. No replies.