DeepSpeech (C# Windows) - Error Incompatible Model

I downloaded the 0.5.1 nuget package for DeepSpeech, then set up a WPF project similar to the .Net example in the source. I also downloaded the 0.5.1 models from the appropriate release. I try to initialize with something like:

ds = new DeepSpeechClient.DeepSpeech();
ds.CreateModel(@“C:\Users???\Desktop\Deep Speech\deepspeech-0.5.1-models\output_graph.pbmm”, N_CEP, N_CONTEXT, @“C:\Users???\Desktop\Deep Speech\deepspeech-0.5.1-models\alphabet.txt”, BEAM_WIDTH);

When I hit that piece of the code I get a System.ArgumentException ‘Error incompatible model’. I’m not sure what this error means.

The model files are in the appropriate folder -

Any tips?

@carlfm01 As you’re the windows expert, do you have any ideas?

Can you share explicit stderr?

That error means you are loading a different model version than what is supported by the binary …

Okay, I think I figured it out. I previously tried to use the latest 0.6.0 alpha 4 package but ran into trouble. I went back to the 0.5.1 nuget package but ran into the incompatible model issue.

I just cleaned and rebuilt my visual studio solution and it works. Thanks for all the help.