DeepSpeech grants

[Update: Looks like it was some glitch in Discourse the original post is here, nothing to see here, move along.] :slight_smile:

Thanks for flagging this @ftyers. I was in contact with @mlopatka a couple of weeks ago about the grant program, and I will follow up its status for you internally within Mozilla and report back.


The thread is still there, so i’m not sure why it could have disappeared? DeepSpeech update, grant and playbook

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Thanks @lissyx, I think that probably it got unpinned so I didn’t see it. My outsized reaction was probably due to the sadness at the lack of communication and lack of clarity about the future of DeepSpeech.

Just so you don’t all think I’m going completely mad:

This is what it looks like in a Private window:

This is what it looked like on Saturday:


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@mlopatka @kreid Any updates? :slight_smile: