Deleted Add-on by mistake

Hello! Could you please help me
I downloaded the add-on with the error “On this site” instead of “On
your own”, it is impossible to go back and
change the distribution option when downloading the add-on. when
deleting this add-on it is impossible to download it again with the
correct distribution option . Can you help
me, how can I change the extension so that it is not considered as a
clone or what way is there to solve the problem in this situation?
or if possible, tell me who and how I can contact with this problem.
thanks for the reply

It’s not possible to change the distribution option for an add-on after it has been created. You can publish the same extension to AMO but, first you will have to change the extension ID to a new value. The error message in your second screenshot is saying that the ID of the add-on you’re trying to upload is not unique and therefore must be changed.