Delta release 11 question

I’ve downloaded the delta 11 release for English and French. Unlike the delta 10 release, though, this one does not include any metadata. It’s just a clips directory. Where is the missing metadata?
I’m on day 8 of waiting for Windows to finish untarring the 7.0 release of English because of a data loss and I only have 60gb a month internet bandwidth. So downloading an 80gb file and waiting a month for it to untar isn’t an option. I was excited about the delta releases, but they don’t seem very useful without metadata. Is this an oversight for 11 or is it the new way of doing things?

Hi @HemiMG, welcome…

I just checked the Turkish delta v11.0 for the first time and confirm that the metadata is missing. And I also found out that there is already an issue related to this on github:

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Thanks. I’ll follow the issue on Github as well. Hopefully, there’s a way they can get us those tiny text files without making us download all of the data again.

Hello everyone, thanks for your patience. This will be fixed in the next release which will take place in the next few weeks.

Hi, saw that also Portuguese (v11.0 delta) is missing the TSV files.
next release, means v12 delta ?