Deploying a Mozilla server

Can I deploy my own Mozilla server using the source code? This is not the same as the gateway, I’m asking about the backend web service that enable the gateway.

What source code do I need to use? What type of cms is used for development? Is it Drupal/Joomla or WordPress (php based) or is it nodejs / express or similar framework? I want to know if a share hosting or a private hosting is required and how much it would cost.

The reason I wanted to do that is because sometimes the website is down and I can’t remotely access and control my gateway.

Thank you

The gateway’s web application is actually hosted by the gateway itself, inside your home. This is why even if your internet connection goes down, you can still access the gateway locally via gateway.local or its local IP address.

The cloud-based service which provides you with an optional free subdomain on the web, and a secure tunneling service to access your gateway over the internet, is provided by the registration server.

If you want to host your own registration server you can, and there is a Docker image you can use which makes this a bit easier.

The registration server doesn’t use a content management system as such, because it doesn’t have much in the way of content (because that’s mostly hosted by the gateway). But the back end of the registration server is written in Rust.

Hope this helps


There have been numerous threads about installing your own registration server in the forum, some included debugging technical issues. You should search this forum for other articles debugging integration & installation issues. Seemed difficult to me, enough to not think about doing it for the sake of doing it.

Also, it could be very easy to setup SSH and PORT FORWARDING to access your home GW remotely depending on your knowledge. This is how I do it for many of my applications.

Search the forum for SSH PORT to find articles about this easier method (IMO).

Eric L. Edberg

I agree. If all you’re worried about is accessing your home gateway if Mozilla’s tunnelling service goes down then deploying your own registration server is overkill.

It would be much easier to just buy your own domain name, point it at your home IP address and forward ports 80 (and possibly 22) from your home router to the gateway. If you don’t have a static IP address you’ll probably need to configure a Dynamic DNS service too, which some routers support out of the box.

The tunnelling service is really just a convenience so that you don’t have to set that up yourself.

I’ve done this, and posted the configuration for nginx as a reverse proxy
It has worked well for me for several months