Deployment of

(Syamkumar) #1

hey guys,
this topic is to discuss the deployment of site which is currently in staging at

(jsx) #2

This is a fantastic idea and a great initiative. We are 4 years too late updating our landing page, so I think we should go ahead with it asap even though the new site still needs many adjustments.

(Syamkumar) #3

the source code for the staging is available at

(Navaneeth K) #4

We require a best landing page. People are working behind the current web site. “.org” site require to rebuild. We are ready to take initiative to modify the web site.

(Rigin Oommen) #5

So are we planning to move with the current code to the .org or is there any proposed changes

(Syamkumar) #6

currently the site is on php. will be changing it to just html,js,css since the landing page just need to be static. will use type form or alternatives for the forms. etc. please suggest other changes .

(Praveen Sridhar) #7

Agree completely with @jsx Let’s not wait any longer for deployment, and anyone who wishes to add extra bells and whistles to the site can just send a pull request