Dev Tools in Lausanne as a regular meetup?

(Michael Kohler) #1

Hi everyone

Since Julian is based in the Romandie we had the idea of having regular Dev Tools meetups in Lausanne.

Julian, is that something you would like to support in terms of code and possibly testing features? Or even running user research if that is something that your team needs?

Geoffrey, would lip be interested in hosting regular meetups?

We will need to figure out the following questions here:

  • Is this something we can do?
  • Is this something that would have potential in Lausanne?
  • What would the perfect cadence be? Every 2 weeks? Every month? Something else?

I’d love to hear all your thoughts on this!

(I’ve also sent the link to Julian and Geoffrey since they might not be following this Discourse category yet)


(Michael Kohler) #2

Geoffroy is in strong favour of a regular meetup.

He also sent me the contact info of the Lausanne liip office so we can contact them directly if we need to. Martin has these contacts as well.

Let’s see what Julien thinks about this. I guess we could come up with a hypothesis to test to make sure we can have impact.