Device Log Question, GMT issues, awake issues

Hi All

Does anybody know if there is a way to identify a particular device in the Logs section. I’d like to identify all of my network devices in the Log section so I can see when they were activated but at the moment I’m stumped as its not clear looking at the log, which device I’m looking at.

The other thing is, my devices are working but been activated at the wrong time, about an hour too late. I’m in British Summer Time for another few weeks and wonder if thats the issue as the choice it gives is GMT, and that might be not the same as BST (I’ve experienced this with other devices I use)

Also, I’m using the Date/Time plugin and no matter what country I pick, the time the DT plugin is showing is always showing one hour behind my time and it will not alter whatsoever as I was hoping I could do a time shift by one hour to compensate for the above. Has anyone had the same issue and if so did you fix it ?

The other issue I have, is my awake time for these devices, they are set to “their” default time" of 1800 seconds. Does this mean if I want to enter a new on/off time it has to be 1800 seconds before the new time I want to set? Plus how do you decide how long you set an awake time for?

Hope someone can help clarify some of the above, thanks in advance.

Regarding the time, these are dealt with at the operating system before WebThings even starts up. The important things are first that the system has a working NTP and second that the timezone is set correctly.

  1. NTP (Network Time Protocol) sets the system clock soon after reboot and requires internet connectivity. If you do not wish or are not able to connect the system to a network with access to NTP, then you will have to set the clock manually. The Power Settings addon for WebThings can help check the settings but assumes the basics are set up and working, which must be done at the operating system level.
  2. The timezone (eg. Asia/Singapore or Europe/London) ensures that the global network time gets displayed correctly in ‘your’ locality. In WebThings, go to Settings / Localisation / Timezone.

Once these two items are resolved, then all of the devices should be OK, unless you have a very complex device with a built in clock.

For the device naming, you can check this in the WebThings front end - click on the little icon at the top right of each device on the main screen.

The last part of the webpage address is the device name used in the logs. On my system, the full address is https://WebThings/things/zb-086bd7fffe51cde2 and the device is zb-086bd7fffe51cde2

Hi Charles

Before I start, just like to say thanks for your help with my last issue, with your help I got it up and running. However, once I got it running I had a few issues, things I didn’t know about like this latest one.
But I’m away for a few days and I’ll try this last piece of info you sent me when I get back. But it’s a fascinating but of kit with a lot of things you need to know before you can develop further, so your help has been very much appreciated.
But it’s certainly a timi g thing and I’m looking forward now to getting it sorted. Thanks again, Alex

thanks for the awesome information.