Difference between Personal Leadership Toolkit and the MLN Leadership Curriculum

Just catching up on the Personal Leadership framework and then toolkit development.

I had one question: Mozilla Leadership Network (MLN) is working on a leadership curriculum and the Participation team is working on a Personal Leadership Toolkit.

What is the difference between the two? Does Mozilla need two different leadership curriculums?

Okay I guess that was two questions.

Great question.

Honest response: We need to do more work to make these efforts talk to one another/align.

Quick observation: From what I’ve seen, it appears that the MLN Open Leadership toolkit is more about leading open projects vs. the Participation Team effort which is more about leading within Mozilla communities. There is most certainly overlap, but at the very least the audiences and use cases are different.

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I talked to Julia Vallera (Hive NYC) during the work week and she sent me some links to the MLN work on their leadership kit. She seemed interested in what we are working on, so might be someone to include at some point.

Yeah I could not find the MLN leadership curriculum (which is supposed to be pretty ready in draft form by 7/20). I guess its part of the better/faster=less open mantra where things are kept internal much longer than in the past.

This is not a new question of who “owns” the leadership stuff. It has not been totally resolved since we started this project last year. MoFO just settled on MLN as Mozilla Leadership Networks (an Not Mozilla Learning Network) some time last year and we were discussing where "leadership " belongs at the previous Mozfest.

I just want to make sure the right hand isn’t wasting time doing the exact same thing as the left hand.

@george Perfect. I just needed to understand the differentiation.

Makes sense with MLN adding Abigail Cabunoc as Leader Developer for Open Source Engagement.

Focusing our toolkit on leadership within Mozilla Communities is a lens we must remember.