Difficulty Locating Themes Via Appearance

(Ronnigon) #1

I don’t know why you guys use the word “Appearance” in your Add-ons section when you mean “Themes” – this is completely confusing and frustrating.

And what is also confusing and frustrating, is how you can’t even get to the Themes selection page from the “Appearances” tab – you have to go to a search provider and find it through that.

Why all this hair shirt? Why not either call it “Themes” or “Appearances” or “Browser Skins” completely across the board – in other words, take control of your own terminology – and but a direct link to the Themes page right there when you hit the Appearances (or whatever you ultimately decide on calling it) tab?

The way you have things set up now just causes needless exasperation. Also, it squanders all the themes that are submitted by all the designers out there, because if alternative themes aren’t easily advertised to people, they won’t even know they exist to try them on. And what you’re currently doing, with showcasing only two or three alternative themes, just doesn’t cut it, because that isn’t the full theme selection page.

…And also, no, “browse Add-ons” does not return Themes results in any straightforward manner that I’ve been able to figure out, so it’s obviously not honest to say that the “browse add-ons” window addresses this problem.