Dino Tank: help Mozilla by telling us what problem we should tackle!

Dear all,

Mozilla wants to innovate and really needs your help: your unique perspectives can bring the diversity we need to innovate. This is a great participation opportunity, you could be helping us defining the areas where Mozilla should focus!

At Dino Tank we want to focus on great problem statements, so instead of pitching an idea and solution, we want you to think about a problem that you experience in your daily life that you think Mozilla should tackle. The strongest, most innovative product solutions come from deeply understanding the problem first.

In the London workweek that takes place in June, we will select the 10 strongest problem statements submitted by both staff and volunteers. If your problem statement is chosen, the Participation team will support you and make sure you are represented in London.

Of those 10 selected problem statements, three will be chosen by our esteemed judges to move on to the “solution” phase where we will convene a cross-functional group in a 5-day Product Design Sprint for each problem area.

The Product Design Sprint is a structured, highly collaborative set of activities where participants hone the product challenge, sketch and prototype solutions, and test with real users in order to short cut long build cycles and learn quickly. The resulting product concepts will be revealed in Hawaii.

Deadline for submission is May 27th,you can find more information here: http://mozilladinotank.tumblr.com/

Let us know if you have questions or if you want help getting crisp on your problem statement on this discourse thread. We also recommend working on small groups to get to a crisp problem statement.

Looking forward to your submissions and the diversity they will bring to the process!

  • Rosana
    on behalf of Susan and Katharina from the Open Innovation team

Hi Rosana

That’s great…it’s a laudable initiative.


Hi Rosana ,

That’s very great …
Thanks Rosana for news

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If you want to know more about the methodology Rosana is mentioning (“Design Sprint”), please have a look at the recently published book Sprint by Jake Knapp (https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/150112174X).


Please have a look at https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/eworking-proposal/7370. I think the opening paragraph may fit the bill.

I would like to propose and participate in the development of comprehensive automation in routine work. As banks have eBanking, eWorking seems good enough for a working title for automation in diverse activities that currently rely on digital versions of paperwork. The proposed alternative is for experts in different fields to record their information in a reusable machine-friendly format. Large volumes of specific information can then be stored in private and public repositories for digital devices to help analyse and assemble into pertinent combinations for different purposes and output. It is the structure of the information that allows Web technology to be used to automate diverse activities.

If anyone here would like to take up the cause in the Dino Tank, I will happily support them.

Hi Rosana

I really like the format of Dino Tank and have an idea I want to contribute.

One question I do have - are the submissions going to be available on the web? I am a bit concerned about displaying an email address so openly as per the example submissions. Can we use our Mozillians URL instead?