Disable add-ons on specific website


My question is that : Is it possible to disable addons on specific website ?
I did many searchs about this possibility (in Firefox settings, forums, etc.) but I didn’t find anything except for this old topic which talk about. (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1022995#answer-635614)

I found an equilavent for Chrome browser but no longer exists.


If the extension doesn’t expose that itself, no, not currently. Though there is a about:config key to disallow access to certain origins for all extensions. This is primarily used to avoid privilege escalations by default.

Is this key that you say, can disallow access to extensions for a specific website ?

It blocks interacting with specific origins.

Can you give me the name of this key ?

Pretty sure its extensions.webextensions.restrictedDomains. You should probably not remove anything that is in the list already (without knowing why it is in there).

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You should not edit the key at all. Editing means that you will no longer get updates that Mozilla makes to it, meaning you’re potentially left vulnerable if a domain is ever added or removed from the default value.


Ok too bad. It was a solution for my ask. But with this method, it’s going disabled all extensions on the domain added while I wanted disable a specific extensions for specific domain.
If somone have an other option, I’m taker.