Disable panels added by extensions

(A Flow of Code) #1

I’ve noticed it seems to be becoming somewhat of a trend for add-ons to add their own panel to the devtools. This makes it very crowded in there in my opinion, not to mention I’ve personally found them of very little use. Some, like Adblock Plus, have the option to disable it. Others, like HTTPS Everywhere, do not.

How can I disable panels added by extensions? If this is not possible barring the extension authors adding the option, then I very much would like to request this feature, as I don’t want to necessarily completely disable add-ons just to get rid of the panel they add to devtools.

(Harald Kirschner) #2

Settings has you covered; left side under the default panels:


(A Flow of Code) #3

Excellent, somehow missed the obvious. Thank you!

(A Flow of Code) #4

Is this supposed to only work on a per-session basis? The settings for these panels reset every time I close and re-open the devtools.

Developer Edition 58.0b9 (64-bit)

(Julian Descottes) #5

No that’s definitely a bug! Logged https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1423849