Disabled Add-on with no response

My add-on has been disabled. First admin “Cse” disabled it because as he says: “This version contains obfuscated code or logic, which is not permitted by our policies. Here are some examples of obfuscated code we have found:” And he did not provide the example of obfuscated code. And I replied, that code is not obfuscated. And I still emphasize that code is not obfuscated. Than in 30 minutes my add-on was totally disabled, all version. Without any explaining or any notification.

Can somebody explain me what happens?

Link to extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/addon/зеркало-азино777/versions/5316909

The reviewers are like “Guardians of addons”, they are here to protect everyone from malicious addons and their authors (humans like you and me).

So if the reviewer tells you your code is obfuscated, your reply should be “which part?”.

Reviewers are pretty skilled in finding obfuscated code, because they are doing it every day. So if there is a suspiciously looking code in your codebase, they will find it (they found it my addon and I had to rewrite some parts and add comments to exmplain it - but I agree, it was looking pretty suspicious).

Even though it’s not a great feeling to get blocked, usually you can sort things out pretty fast with minimum harm.

But it’s important that all the malicious addons gets blocked no matter what their author will reply to the reviewer - because again, it’s just some programmer like you and me, just with a different agenda!

But again, I don’t envy you this situation, it’s a truly terrible feeling.

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First of all, thanks for reply.

To clarify what I’m talking about I pinned screenshot of our chatting. Reviewers did not say which part is obfuscated. My code contains russian symbols, I believe they can confuse wrong encoding with obfuscated code. But all I can do now only guess. 3ew1

Yeah, so you need to submit new version. Disabled versions cannot be re-enabled.

The new version will be checked again so make sure to fix the issues.
You should for sure use only english alphabet when programming :slight_smile:. At least that’s a common practice everywhere I’ve been.

It’s strange though that he didn’t include the code, in my case the reviewer wrote me the file names and line numbers where the issues were found.

PS: this joke comes to mind when you say your code has Russian symbols:

I would like to update my code, send new version, but:

  1. There is nothing to change. Add-on is for russian users only - to bypass government censor. So russian symbols should be on the buttons.
  2. They totally closed add-on. I cannot add update.

Russian symbols in strings is not a problem, only the code - like Russian variable names or parameters or function names.
Can you post some of the code here?

  function linkPass(mirror) {
     $(".get-mirror").on('click', {trigger: mirror}, clicked);    
  function loginError() {
     $(".get-mirror").text("Попробовать снова");
     $(".get-mirror").on('click', {trigger: 'init'}, clicked);
  function linkError() {
     $(".get-mirror").text("Попробовать снова");
     $(".get-mirror").on('click', {trigger: 'init'}, clicked);
  function init(){
     $('.button_1').fadeOut(300, function () {
        $('.lds-circle').delay(500).fadeIn(500, function() {login();}).fadeOut(300, function() {

This looks fine.
You really need to find out which lines he meant.