Disabling "new frontend" option is not bringing back old frontend

(Noitidart) #1

I’m trying to get back the old frontend because the “objection” in side view is so useful.

I saw this topic - Firefox 58 Quantum Developer Tool:How Disalbe in-line Inspenting of Objects?

I enabled devtools.webconsole.sidebarToggle however it is not bringing back the object panel.

Is it not possible to get back the old frontend? I flipped all the config flags:

(Noitidart) #2

I can right click and open in side tab but it doesnt highlight the differences nicely. And having to use my mouse now is way outside of my usual flow of keyboard only.

(Noitidart) #3

Pressing “Alt + R” on windows is also not clearing the console. Any ideas on the new hotkey?

(Nicolas Chevobbe) #4

Hello !
We removed the old frontend in Bug 1381834 because it wasn’t maintained anymore and we want to move forward.
We plan to have better keyboard support very soon (~ this week in Nightly) by Bug 1428078.
We are also planning a full “diff sidebar” which will be much more useful than a half-a-second-flash (think of a git-like, dynamic diff sidebar). The work will start at the beginning of the summer.

As for Alt-R, I don’t remember we were supporting this ? But Ctrl + L is for sure.

Are there any other things you are missing from the old frontend ? Our goal is to make the console better, so don’t hesitate to tell us :slight_smile:

(Noitidart) #5

Oh cool thanks for the awesome reply.

  • A hotkey while in sidebar diff view, to scroll to the object in the console would be way helpful.

  • Currently to inspect objects i have to hit the tab key a lot. It would be awesome if there was some quick hot key like “ctrl + 1” to open up the first object from bottom into diff side bar. And doing a “ctrl + 2” to focus and open the one previous that.

  • Also while in diff sidebar it would be cool if hotkey to go to previous object (i can hit this repeatedly to compare cur to last)

  • My focus is always in the diff sidebar. I only have to focus the console area to scroll. I have to hit tab like 5 times then scroll. Would be awesome if there is a hotkey while diff sidebar is in focus to scroll up/down, so we can get other objects into the viewport for easy access with keyboard.

  • While in diff sidebar, it would be nice if i can ctrl + a and ctrl + c, to copy the object deeply.

  • Doing ctrl + c while on row should maybe copy key: "value". Right now its a weird copy.

  • The sidebar is more useful then diffs, navigating key/values with keyboard is like 50%. Diffing is other 50%.

Thanks so much for the work and asking!

In the meantime is there no way for me to get the old frontend in nightly? I have a huge project deadline early may, i dont have cognitive load available to adjust to a new frotnend. So maybe for now the only way would be to move off of nightly?

(Nicolas Chevobbe) #6

Thanks for the reply and all the suggestions, I’ll put them in a bug so we can keep track of them :slight_smile:

Yes, we don’t plan to revert the old-frontend removal, so I’d suggest you to use developer edition/beta if you still want to use it.

(Noitidart) #7

I can’t find a hotkey in the new frontend to clear the console. Ctrl + L is focusing the URL bar as it did in past.

(Nicolas Chevobbe) #8

On windows, it is Ctrl + Shift + L

(Noitidart) #9

Thanks Nicolas. I tried hard, two weeks. Even that simple object change feature we have right now in old frontend was priceless. I had to downgrade to beta. :frowning:


Something I miss about the old frontend is that the options were all on one line giving me more space to work with and the categories inside of each option to control what kind of information appears.


And frankly I just plain think the old design (above) looks better than the new one shown (below).