Disallow extension in normal mode (and Multi-Account Containers) as opposed to private windows

I see Firefox sporting a new feature to disable addons in private windows, but can the opposite be instituted?

Let me elaborate on my personal rationale on why I want it: I want to enable adblock extension only on private windows to complement the built-in content blocking; in other words, the websites I open in normal windows are websites I trust (and don’t mind being monetized by them), and the websites I open in private windows are websites I do not trust or not have been there before, therefore I want to avoid their third-party baggage as well.

In fact, going off-tangent, I like the concept of Multi-Account Containers but hope it’d do more and grow into a sort of cookie firewall wherein containers represents different set (and of course, contained) of rules on how to treat websites opened in them, and automatically open any undefined websites in a “private” container.