Disconnect add-on blocks firefox 78 from clearing up ram after closing tabs, works fine in 77

No idea if this is correct category or even correct site to post this but I noticed some problems with disconnect add-on (https://addons.mozilla.org/pl/firefox/addon/disconnect).


  1. I open 1 tab in firefox. In my example I had ~550MB of firefox RAM usage.
  2. I open 39 more tabs. My ram usage jumps to ~2260MB after it finishes loading them.
  3. I close these 39 tabs to be left with only 1 tab open. And here lies the problem:
    a) in Firefox 77 RAM usage after closing tabs drops to ~1200MB after a while
    b) in Firefox 78 RAM usage slowly drops to 2090MB - so it is pretty much the same as with 40 open tabs!!!

Disconnect add-on somehow blocks firefox 78 from clearing up RAM after closing tabs. In 77 it worked fine. Disabling add-on in 78 fixes problem too.

I’ve described this more thoroughly here:

No idea what could cause it because changelog for 78 does not mention anything about ram or add-ons changes.
Can I get more specific changelog than this:

Have you reported this problem to the developer?

Yes, not sure who is to blame though - mozilla or disconnect.

It could be a problem on both ends, but it’s a good idea to first contact the Disconnect developers.