Disconnecting webthings

I have a webthing that the gateway will loose connection to after a period of time, sometimes days, sometimes hours. I can still see the webthing in mdns and I I navigate to the webthings end point in the browser it is running and responds.

Is there anyway to see when a webthing disconnects so I can see in the logs what happened?



Hi Chris - personally, I have had the worst “disconnecting” issues with Xiaomi/Aqara devices and have put this down to three things:
a) Aqara devices don’t appear to follow ZigBee 3 standards fully (lots of stuff on the net about this). I worked around this (partially) by lots of debugging and upating of .webthings/addons/zigbee-adapter/lib/zb-xiaomi.js
b) battery issues - many sensors only have battery power, once the battery drains, the devices disconnect and reconnect - until they eventually die
c) Zigbee and Wi-Fi channel interfernce (and even Zigbee-Zigbee channel interference - I had two WT gateways in the same room). There is a separate articel on the forum about this topic, but since I moved by secondary gateway to channel 25 (avoid 26 with Ziaomi), all is good - on both gateways.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, but these are not ZigBee, this is a Web Thing connected via the web thing add on.